Bookings may be arranged in person at reception, via email or by telephone from Monday to Sunday between 9am and 10pm.

PLEASE NOTE: The Lane You Book May Not Be The Lane You Are Placed In

Please Note
 Bookings start ‘on the hour’ and may be arranged for
multiples of one hour and/or multiple nets for the same hour
 All confirmations will be made via email and only then will this
indicate that your booking has been confirmed.
 Groups are defined as 3 or more players.
 A maximum of 2 people may share a One-to-One coaching
lesson but this needs to be confirmed when booking.
 One-to-One bookings may only be made for players aged 9+ and undertaken by a Cricket Centre coach (details of our
coaches can be found on our 121 notice board & at reception).

Block Booking
Block bookings can be made for one-to-one coaching, group coaching and net hire.
Discounts are available when booking net hire for 10 weeks or more at one time. Block booking discounts do not apply to One- to-One sessions.
Club/Group bookings (or alterations to them) must be made by someone who can authorise payment on behalf of the club/group.

Net safety 
A maximum of 6 players per net are permitted for general practice. Spectators are not permitted into the nets area.
Batters must wear full protective equipment.
Personal cricket equipment must not be stored in the nets area. Please use the changing room lockers or the shelves located near the net entrances to store your belongings.
No food or drink is to be taken into the playing area.
Clothing, Equipment & Helmet Use
Appropriate sports clothing (whites or general leisure wear) should be worn when practicing and players should bring their own equipment to use (i.e. bats, pads, helmet, protective box etc).
A helmet must be worn by all players, regardless of age, when batting or standing up to the stumps when wicket keeping.
Only soft-soled sports footwear may be worn in the hall.
Studded / spiked footwear may not be worn inside the Cricket Centre.

Bowling Machine Use
Guidance is attached to each bowling machine on acceptable use / precautions, and can be found on our main notice board.
Bowling machines may only be operated by ECB Level 2 (or higher) qualified coaches whose certification is held on file.
The use of bowling machines must be pre-approved and booked through reception when making the booking.

Toilets & Changing area 
Toilet & changing facilities for players and spectators are provided within the hall. A  toilet is located in thehall.

Lukeys Cricket Academy will not accept responsibility for personal items being lost or stolen in the Cricket Centre.

We require any payments under the value of £100 to be paid for by Cash / Bank Transfer at least 48 hours in advance of each session.
Payment for all one-off bookings must be made at the time of booking, and for block-booked sessions must be made at least 48 hours in advance of each session.
Payment for multiple hour net hire must be made at least 7 days in advance and a non-refundable 50% deposit may also be requested to secure the booking.
Cash and Bank transfer payments are accepted in person and you may also pay by (in person or over the telephone) during the reception opening times (Mon-Fri 9am-10pm)
Regular payments can be credited to an account, with payments drawn down from this credit as required to pay for the bookings.
For payments of £100 or more invoice payments may be agreed, however payment must be cleared in advance of each booking.

Single 1-2-1 Coaching or Net Hire bookings which are cancelled with less than 24hrs notice will not qualify for any credit / refund.
Multiple hour bookings which are cancelled with less than 7 days’ notice will not qualify for any credit / refund.
For bookings cancelled in sufficient time, where payment has already been made, credit will be given for a future booking.
Any sessions cancelled later than the times specified above must be paid for in full. Until payment is received for any outstanding bookings the management reserve the right to cancel future bookings already in place and refuse new bookings.
If you are unable to reach someone in the Cricket Centre to confirm your cancellation or are calling outside of normal office hours (Mon-Sun 9am-10pm) we will accept cancellations left on a voicemail or email so that a date and time are recorded to verify that appropriate notice has been given.
In the unlikely event that we need to cancel / amend a booking due to circumstances outside of our control, we will provide as much notice as possible and you will be entitled to an alternative booking to the same value, or a full refund.